Wednesday, July 20, 2011

protection from fracking pysanky

This is a protection against slick water horizontal hydraulic fracturing pysanky egg. This special egg has all the following symbols. Pysanky spiders are considered to be lucky omens. Curls symbolize defense or protection. Wolves Teeth offer protection from harm, the harm of contaminated water and air. Wheat symbolizes wishes for good health and a good harvest, a harvest uncontaminated with chemicals used in drilling operations. Bees were a symbol of hard work and pleasantness, and represented all the good insects which should not be killed.
Birds represent spring and the pushing away of Evil, in this case hydraulic fracturing. Birds at rest, mean their powers remain and are not temporary. Meanders are running designs that have no end, they mean the hero’s quest and long life. On pysanky they represent eternity and long life, a long life without risks of cancers brought about from the emissions of drilling operations.
Prjama, a straight line encircling the egg, symbolizes eternity or the continuous thread of life. Diamonds help the recipient of the egg to gain knowledge, knowledge to keep the drilling company from shattering their life’s dreams.A dot within a circle represents the axis of the universe - eternity within the Orphic egg. Ladders mean good husbandry and prosperity.
Green As seen in the spring renewals, green symbolizes the breaking of shackles, freedom from bondage. That would be the shackles of fear and corporate takeover of rural PA It is the color of fertility, freshness, health and hopefulness, it represents bountifulness, hope and the victory of life over death.
Purple speaks of faith, patience and trust. White- symbolizes purity, virginity, innocence, and birth. The wish is for the water and air to remain pure. Red- The magical color of folklore, red is considered a positive color signifying action, fire, charity, spiritual awakening. It also glorifies the sun and the joy of life and love. Consequently, pysanky with red fields or motifs are typically designated for children or youth. Hopefully the children will have a safe and bright future one that glorifies the sun, source of clean and renewable energy.


  1. This is beautiful, very well thought out and explained. Our prayers are with you and your family as you bravely face this infringement on your farm and lives. I admire your determination to make a difference in this area. God Bless.

  2. wow, amazing, Pysanky egg. I just made a Pysanky egg today with a group of 13 women in St. Mark's Church in New Milford, Pa., in the county of much Fracking the past five years....I did not specifically create symbols for that theme, just for Easter, but it's in my heart....